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Christmas 2013

Many thanks to all our 2012 Caravan Club guests, who voted our CL area, the winner of the Northern England region,"CL of the Year"   (It came as a complete surprise, and shock to us).                                                                

On the morning of January 15th 2013,  we were greatly honoured to be joined on site by legendary mountaineer, and author, Sir Chris Bonnington, who officially presented us with the certificate from the Caravan Club.                                                                             

The Caravan Club was officially represented by Area adviser Ken Nicholson and his wife Noreen.    Also in attendance was our Parish Council chairman Mr John Foster,  Parish Councillor Philippa Groves, and last but not least, our stand-in warden Alison Ostle

Then afterwards, in order to keep warm on the cold January morning, we were forced to endure a glass of bubbley. (or three)

Sir Chris Bonnington enjoys the Northern Fells,  so-much-so that some 30 years ago he moved into the area, near Hesket Newmarket, where he has made it his permanent home.


N.B. Even though the CL didn't get the top vote for the follow-up seasons of 2013 & 2014, we are certain they were the best seasons we've had to date.    We had the pleasure of meeting and welcoming some of the nicest, and most credible visitors to Riverside, during recent seasons.

Together, with you as part of the team-work, we are determined to make 2015 even better.